Sara standing before a picturesque setting

Celebrating Sara

Sara standing before a picturesque setting

We think one of the most important things we can do for our clients and for each other is to help our talented team members grow and evolve in their careers. That’s why we’re thrilled to the gills to announce longtime employee Sara Kubler is AHM’s newest – drumroll please – Digital Content Manager!

What does this mean? It means the Sara everyone knows and loves will use her graphic design, creative and leadership skills to help clients make sense of social media and the always-changing landscape of digital content. She’s tackling her new role with her trademark energy and knack for embracing new perspectives.

“Designers don’t always get to see how stuff is implemented, and now I get to see more where the content is going and how people interact with it,” says Sara. “It’s opening up a different approach toward my assignments.”

Sara walking a cobblestone street
Sara skiing

A December 2018 University of Oregon graduate with a degree in art and technology and a minor in business, Sara started as a graphic design intern at AHM Brands in July 2018 and has since worked extensively for clients ranging from Roseburg Forest Products and Ovation by Avamere to Zentopia and Bushnell University. Her previous role as art director meant her workday entailed providing guidance and creative direction for print, packaging and point of sale materials, along with websites, emails and other digital marketing.

In Sara’s new role, it’s less about her overseeing only the look of a brand and more about her overseeing strategy and performance of social media and digital content for AHM’s valued clients and partners.

“Making social media and digital content is enjoyable, but I also love a new challenge,” explains Sara. “My role helps AHM explore new ways that marketing and creativity can play out for our clients.”

It’s also a role that means Sara can continue being hands-on with work and projects, whether that’s directing an on-site photo shoot or creating short-form video content. She also says the role brings more time for teamwork and for crafting the ideas that meet the needs of AHM’s clients and help solve their ongoing branding and marketing challenges.

“It’s great working and collaborating with more people and getting a chance to be even more client focused.”

Congratulations Sara!

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