Effective Brand Strategies Start with a Single Page

An effective brand strategy should deliver your organization clarity, simplicity and consistency while finding the sweet spot where your audiences, your business goals and your internal culture converge.

Here’s a good test for your current brand strategy. Can you, with a single sheet of paper and a couple hundred words, express all of the following?

What you are that makes people interested in your products or services.

This includes not only defining your audience, but also clearly stating your brand’s foundation and what elements have equity in the marketplace.

What you deliver that makes people appreciate you.

Think about the functional and emotional benefits you offer and the value propositions that keep your customers coming back.

How you behave that makes people attracted to you.

This includes both tone of voice and the core belief that animates and motivates your organization and your coworkers.

How you live that makes people fall in love with you.

It all comes down to purpose and using your brand strategy to get a return on that purpose.

Taking the time to capture and concisely express these foundation elements will help ensure your brand strategy is ready to work and make a real difference for your organization and your customers. To see more examples of effective brand strategies in action, visit ahmbrands.com/brands-in-action/.

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