Rooted in Strategy

Identifying your brand’s distinctive strengths and opportunities and empowering you to take full advantage of them follows an intentional, strategic path.

Guided by your organizational goals and objectives, AHM provides the comprehensive brand strategy thinking and doing across print, screen and environment that turns your brand’s truth into your brand’s authentic advantage.

AHM’s tailored approach uncovers, captures and expresses how your brand:


research + discovery

Nobody ever thought science would be better if it were just a touch lighter shade of blue. We eliminate the subjective from our creative by grounding it in the results of a focused, purposeful process of discovery. Our partners hear and see themselves in the strategic and creative work we deliver because they’ve informed it every step of the way.


written strategy

There is a dramatic difference between simply telling your story and successfully engaging your audience in your story. Achieving the latter significantly increases your ROP (Return on Purpose). We help our partners identify and articulate their true purpose through tightly composed communication strategies that transform audiences into engaged loyalists.


visual strategy

Pictures may not lie but they’ve been known to mumble. In the highly saturated universe of impressions, your organization’s appearance has never been more important. By strategically aligning visual and written intent, we ensure the communication experiences our partners have with customers and potential customers are always clear, consistent and compelling.


strategic brand expression

Attracting attention across the media landscape requires communication strategies that speak to your audience members wherever they are in the consumer journey. Whether the goal is to create awareness, influence decision making or build advocacy, we help our partners identify and reach consumer touchpoints with highly targeted messaging strategies that maximize impact and ROI.

Brands in Action

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