Thoughts on AI

It’s been a long time since an innovation has set the branding and marketing industry abuzz like AI has. The staff at AHM Brands is generally hit with variations of two questions when it comes to AI:

1) Are you using it?

2) Are you worried it’s going to take your job?

Are you using AI?

Yes. Our job is to give our clients the best, most effective guidance efficiently, ethically and reliably and AI is another arrow in our quiver for hitting that bullseye. AI is helping us streamline research, rethink process and explore more and better ideas for reaching the audiences clients need us to reach. But it’s hardly a replacement for decades of real-world experience in brand communications and all the nuanced knowledge and insights that come from that. Like all disruptive innovations in its early stages, AI offers plenty of promise while presenting a bit of a Wild West scenario that’s exciting and daunting at the same time. With every indication AI is here to stay, AHM will continue to evaluate these new technologies by asking how they can help our clients succeed.

Are you worried AI is going to take your job?

No. While our industry involves plenty of technology and practices that may lend themselves to potential automation, at the end of the day, this is a human thing we’re doing and it’s about relationships, long-term partnerships and helping real people through the challenges of business and brand. It’s about the emotion of trust, and that type of connection is difficult if not impossible to replicate with a program or machine. AI doesn’t have anything at stake, no “skin in the game” so to speak. Our clients do. We do. And we manage those stakes together through clear expectations and thoughtful guidance. When AI can duplicate that, then we’ll be concerned about such technology moving in on our turf.

At AHM Brands, we recognize the transformative power of AI in revolutionizing the branding and marketing industry. While AI plays a crucial role in enhancing our capabilities and delivering efficient, effective and reliable guidance to our clients, it is important to note that it is not a substitute for the decades of real-world experience and nuanced knowledge we possess. To learn more about how AHM can be a trusted partner for you and your business, visit to see help your business evolve.