Bushnell University


The Challenge

When 125-year-olds change their name, it’s a big deal.

And when the school formerly known as Northwest Christian University wanted to embrace a new name that would still honor its faith-based mission while also overcoming a growing challenge of brand confusion and limitation, it called on long-time partners AHM to help shepherd them through the transition.

The Solution

Starting from historical and contemporary research and the direct input of hundreds of current students, alumni, faculty, staff and community partners, AHM developed a comprehensive brand strategy capturing how Bushnell University’s founding values and community of belonging are more relevant than ever.

This spirit and brand truth guided AHM toward a host of thoughtful brand solutions covering Bushnell’s complete print, screen and environment needs. Backed by a strategic plan built around pre-launch, launch and post-launch phases, AHM helped the Bushnell University community turn name-change anxiety into a celebration of wisdom, faith, service and the next 125 years.

The Goods

Brand Strategy

    AHM Impact

    Strong adoption of the new name and identity at all levels of the community – students, staff, alumni and partners
    Evolution toward an omni-channel audience experience through strategic communication of brand intent and spirit via a variety of mediums  
    +157% Facebook impressions (2019-2020)
    +310% Digital impressions (2019-2020)