Coastal Farm & Ranch


The Challenge

Fifteen years before its current 20-store footprint serving nearly all of Oregon and Washington existed, Coastal Farm & Ranch was looking for a branding and marketing partner capable of turning big dreams and plans into an even bigger reality.

Starting with a small chain of stores located mostly in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Coastal challenged AHM to deliver branding strategy and results-focused marketing that would help the retailer achieve smart, sustainable growth while continually communicating the trust, value, integrity and service that loyal Coastal customers know by heart and new ones have come to love.

The Solution

Starting in 2005 with a single print ad featuring a child smelling a blooming rhododendron, AHM has helped Coastal build market share and the brand enthusiasm that sustains it through a strategic approach driven by data, in-depth consumer research, efficient media strategies and old-fashioned brand discipline.

From the millions of sales fliers and digital impressions over the years to the thousands of photos, hundreds of radio commercials and scores of video spots, AHM continues to leverage the power of brand truth to ensure that residents throughout the Pacific Northwest know that Coastal Farm & Ranch is just what the country needs.

The Goods

Print ads
Digital ads
Radio spots
Video spots
Social media
Brand journalism

    AHM Impact

    +143% Organic search traffic (2019-2020)
    Compared to 2005, today Coastal serves 3x as many communities, families, farms, ranches, urban homesteads, gardens, dogs, cats, cows, hogs, sheep, goats and horses with 20 stores and nearly 1,000 employees
    Each year AHM coordinates with media partners to raise funds for local charities that Coastal then matches; Oregon and Washington non-profits have received more than $400,000 to date
    Residents and consumers throughout the Pacific Northwest know every note of Coastal’s branded jingle by heart