Wide shot of Hayward Field

The Challenge

Just like they define track and field itself, energy and movement define the spirit of historic Hayward Field on the University of Oregon campus. A spirit that embraces risk and reward. A spirit that honors and respects the past because its obsessed with revolutionizing the future.

Project architects SRG Partnerships and a cross-discipline team of designers and craftspeople challenged AHM with decathlon-grade opportunities, pole-vault-level expectations and an objective that was as clear-cut and aspirational as a record-breaking performance: integrate Hayward Field’s spirit and brand truth into every nook and cranny of the venue experience – for athletes and coaches, for media and vendors, and for thousands of eager fans.

Hayward Field brand collage

The Solution

Hayward Field presents a paradox: a venue that owes its unbelievably influential past to its uncanny ability to encourage its disciples to always look ahead and continually embrace the promise of the future.

By adapting our process to the needs of client and project, AHM balanced that paradox to develop a strategic brand platform capable of bringing clarity, consistency and depth of story to Hayward Field by embodying a past, present and future of innovative thinking and even bolder action.


  • Visual exploration book
  • Brand Standards
  • Design Intent Deck
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Final (production or intent) artwork
  • Athlete book

    AHM Impact

    Building and expanding on Hayward Field’s world-class reputation for history, iconic personalities and its role as an incubator of innovative thinking and achieving.
    Integrating key story, spirit and brand truth elements into the spatial experience for all users through a combination of strategic intent, color, materials and graphics.
    Directing users with confidence and ease through an expansive venue via way-finding solutions that are both artful and practical.
    “I describe our Hayward project as a million little decisions that you hope add up to something greater than the sum of its parts. But there is one decision I’m very proud of. Bringing you, Tyler, and the AHM team on-board was key to our success…I owe you all one BIG thank you, and I look forward to future projects with you and your team!” -Todd VanHorne, Nike, Inc.