Henry Weinhard’s

Henry Weinhard's packaging

The Challenge

Few brands can claim to be an original, but if there’s an original Oregon craft beer, it’s Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve. First introduced in 1976 by the Blitz-Weinhard company, the simple blend of malted barley, hops and water offered beer fans a premium experience that was so welcoming and approachable that to most, the beer will forever be known simply as “Henry’s.”

After a series of corporate buyouts led to the retirement of Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve, Hop Valley challenged AHM in 2021 to reintroduce a classic brand that would once again be brewed in Oregon while also incorporating the beer into Hop Valley’s family of products. The goal was to evolve the brand for a new age while retaining the nostalgic appeal and Pacific Northwest spirit people know and love.

The Solution

Helping the free-spirited visionaries at Hop Valley bring an Oregon original craft to the future hinged on developing a clear written and visual identity. Creative messaging took inspiration from both Henry Weinhard’s and Hop Valley’s identity as Oregon beer innovators and leveraged a sense of nostalgia to welcome Hank home and connect with established Henry’s fans while letting new ones know that the OG is, indeed, back.

The dated packaging and many overly-detailed elements needed an overhaul, so AHM reinvented the look and feel with a modern twist on a retro vibe. By simplifying the overall design, Henry Weinhard’s identity better adapts to a range of applications across print, screen and environment. From packaging and point-of-sale to social media, digital touchpoints and video, Henry’s invites those with good taste to enjoy a sip of an Oregon original.


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    "The OG is Back"


    Hop Valley Brewing Company was able to breathe new life into the historic Henry Weinhard’s beer brand, which boasts a legacy spanning over 160 years. With a love for beer and an even deeper love for the great state of Oregon, AHM Brands and Hop Valley managed to successfully reintroduce this delicious brew to a fresh generation of beer aficionados, while firmly upholding the brand’s values and unparalleled flavor.

    By seamlessly blending tradition with innovation, Hop Valley teamed up with AHM Brands to pay homage to the beer’s rich heritage while captivating the palates of modern beer enthusiasts. This revival stands as a testament to the art of preserving time-honored quality, ensuring that the legacy of Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve continues to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of craft brewing.