Hop Valley Brewing Co.


The Challenge

Hop Valley was your quintessential craft beer company when they opened their doors to thirsty fans in 2009: Fun, full of enthusiasm and flying by the seat of their pants.

Faced with a relatively narrow audience and a crowded and increasingly competitive marketplace, Hop Valley challenged AHM in 2011 to develop a comprehensive, visionary strategy that would help the brand find its own path to success without losing the spirit that makes the brewery and its fans so darn…hoppy.

The Solution

Since the “Valley” in Hop Valley refers to the land around Springfield and Eugene, Oregon being the one-time epicenter of hop-growing in America, AHM borrowed from that unique and compelling sense of place to develop a strategic branding structure that stayed true to the brewery’s Pacific Northwest roots, fit the company’s quirky personality and appealed to a cross-section of beer drinkers beyond just craft die-hards.

Over the past decade, as Hop Valley has grown from serving locals to serving the entire western United States, AHM’s branding expertise and strategic guidance has kept pace with every pull of the tap handle, every new release, every bright green Hop Box and every six-pack and case that goes from grocery store cooler to customer refrigerator.

The Goods

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Environmental Design
Marketing Campaigns
Social Media & Blog Content
Videography & Photography

    AHM Impact

    +65% Organic search traffic (2019-2020) +115% Facebook likes (2019-2020) +198% Website traffic (2019-2020) +298% Digital impressions (2019-2020) +315% Instagram followers (2019-2020)
    Expanded physical footprint includes branded Tasting Rooms in select locations and Hop Boxes at professional sports venues
    Since 2011, distribution has grown beyond Oregon to include Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, Montana and Idaho When it comes to Oregon-brewed beers, Hop Valley ranks #2 in nationwide sales.
    From brewing 5,000 barrels a year in 2011, Hop Valley now brews more than 100,000/year