Jane Sanders Stadium dugout and stands

The Challenge

University of Oregon athletics are known the world over for pairing a history of athletic innovation with a brand voice that can only be described as vivid, bold and fearless.

So upon receiving a multi-million-dollar donation to renovate its existing softball facilities and field, the institution selected architects SRG Partnerships who then challenged AHM to step up to the plate and deliver a home run experience that would turn a new stadium into an exciting new tradition for UO Softball and Ducks athletics.

Jane Sanders Stadium Environmental Design Concept Collage

The Solution

After gathering input and perspective from alumni, staff, players, fans and the donors themselves, AHM crafted a meticulous brand strategy that would honor and elevate the sport of softball while integrating a from-the-woods, in-the-woods spirit that captured both the Sanders family’s passion and Oregon’s alluring mystique.

AHM provided branding oversight and insight to nearly every part of the stadium experience during the roughly two-year project while working as part of a team of architects, contractors and craftspeople. From sense-of-arrival statements at the entrance and the wedge-shaped roof over spectators, to large-scale motivational statements and whimsical installations designed with student-athletes in mind, AHM fielded a bold, strategic vision that blended story, heritage and uncommon passion for sport into an unforgettable experience that ensures UO Softball and its fans always emerge as winners.

The Goods

Brand Identity
Environmental Design
Signage and Wayfinding

    AHM Impact

    The Sanders family was overjoyed with how their generous donation honors UO Softball and Oregon’s unique resources while encouraging the next generation of athletes
    New recruits cite Jane Sanders Stadium as a special place they’re honored to call home  
    The stadium proved so popular upon opening that extra seating was soon added
    Earned AHM an AIA Subcontractor of the Year award (nominated by SRG Partnerships)