Ovation by Avamere


The Challenge

Reinventing something as traditional as senior living requires vision, tenacity and exceptional branding support.

The Avamere Family of Companies challenged AHM to develop a comprehensive brand and go-to-market strategy for their concept of senior living campuses offering a continuum of care that includes active living, assisted living and memory care across multiple buildings on a full campus.

Ovation brand collage

The Solution

After extensive research with both Avamere stakeholders and potential residents, AHM crafted a complete written and visual strategy designed to capture how purposeful, cultivated services would continually celebrate, engage and inspire senior guests in their new home. Influenced by the idea of sustained applause, the Ovation brand was born.

With an identity, focused mission statement and a set of actionable core values in place, AHM integrated the Ovation brand story into every consumer touchpoint, from signage to sales materials and from napkins to parking passes. This integration included an employee onboarding for which AHM designed a two-week training program from scratch to ensure team members understand their role in fulfilling Ovation’s brand promise.

Goods & Services

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    AHM Impact

    Brand consistency at every touchpoint builds both immediate value and long-term market equity.
    Brand consistency at every touchpoint builds both immediate value and long-term market equity.
    The branded two-week team-member training program helps ensure guests enjoy a unique, reliable and high-end service experience for years to come.
    A comprehensive and cohesive foundation gives Ovation a clear, scalable brand roadmap for decades ahead.
    After years of meticulous, strategic planning for well over $150 million in developments, Ovation Heartwood Preserve successfully opened in Omaha, Nebraska while Ovation Sienna Hills successfully opened in St. George, Utah.